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"Seafarer's Wayfinder": This name emphasizes the nautical theme of the compass and the idea of it being a tool to help guide a traveler on their journey.


Bring a touch of the ocean into your home with this stunning nautical compass wall art. Expertly crafted on Cherry wood using CNC carving technology, the intricate design of the compass is filled in with ocean blue epoxy resin, creating a mesmerizing effect that captures the eye. Measuring 11.5 inches wide and 8 inches high, this piece is the perfect size to add a touch of nautical charm to any room. The compass symbolizes guidance, direction, and adventure, making it a meaningful addition to your home decor. The precision of the CNC carving and the exquisite detail of the resin filling make this wall art a unique and eye-catching piece. Get ready to set sail on a voyage of wonder and awe with this beautiful work of art.

Seafarer's Wayfinder

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